Monday, July 21, 2008

My 'short-lived' attempt at doing comics!

I was just cleaning my library at home last Saturday, when i stumbled upon these comic book panels i did back in 2003! These are actually just 'test panels' for Glasshouse Graphics here in the Philippines. They give out test scripts for aspiring comic book artists in the country. Back in 2003, I felt burned out from being an Animator, so i gave comic book illustration a shot. As a disclaimer (hehe), this is the first (and so far, my only) attempt at doing comic book illustrations, so it looks so raw and a bit all over the place layout-wise, but believe it or not, the head honcho of Glasshouse Graphics actually saw potential in me that he gave me a follow up script after this! It would've been fun to do the next script because the character was Batman! And anyone who knows me, knows that i'm a big fan of the Dark Knight! So why didn't I do it? Economics! I have to earn money, and these 'test comics' unfortunately are done for free! So i had to go back and do what i really do for a living --- animate.
But for this one glorious moment, i had fun with what i was doing, which was exactly what i needed in a long time.

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xkwzt said...

it's something to fall back on..