Tuesday, August 19, 2008


These are some of the scenes I've done for Disney and Warner Bros. Also included is a scene for a German show titled The 3 Robbers. I have to admit, the 3 Robbers scene seems out of place because the animation style is different from the 'Disney" style, but I included it to show my versatility as an Animator. It's just one scene anyway, so i hope this doesn't affect how you guys view my demo reel. Otherwise, enjoy and please comment if you can.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dennis and Gnasher part 2

Well, looks like there's still time to upload another scene I did for Dennis and Gnasher. This scene actually follows the first post i did, although it will look like this is the first judging from the sequencing of posts from this blog, but hey, no worries.

Dennis and Gnasher

This is probably the first time I've uploaded an Animation scene that's in color. Anyway, this is for a show titled Dennis and Gnasher for an Australian studio. I'm proud to say that the directors from Australia specifically said they liked this scene because it gave the character (Dennis) acting nuances and depth. For a 'Saturday morning' cartoon, that's a big deal, because when we do these types of shows, we usually do 'generic' type of animation because of the tight schedule to get them out of production asap. I guess my experience in doing Feature quality animation proved to be useful. I'll be posting another scene like this one later.

My Test Scene for " Badly Drawn Roy"

I had fun doing this test animation scene for a show called 'Badly Drawn Roy', from Ireland I think. You can see what this show is all about on Youtube. Just type in 'badly drawn roy' and press search.

This is a 15 foot test scene for that show and it took me 3 days to finish everything, from rough animation until rough inbetweens.